Celestial Visions

This section presents Dick’s very personal memories and accounts of special events in his early life. It’s a deep insight into the man.


Looking back over a long and varied life, I realize there have been a number of exceptionally special experiences and happenings which have had unexpected impact over the direction and flow my lifespan—rounding and shaping the person who I am. The full meaning of such events are often not recognized or appreciated for years. I expect this is true with many people who look back over long lives.

I have come to realize that some of these experiences and happenings fall into a category which I choose to call Celestial Visions. And I believe that if one wishes to fully know and understand a person, knowledge of his or her Celestial Visions is helpful and meaningful. This is why I choose to leave this accounting for present and future family and friends. It presents another side of my life—beyond other stories of childhood, wartime, etc.—and help better to know and understand who this man is (or was).

As used here, the word “visions” is meant to mean vivid, deeply imbedded experiences, happenings, revelations, or profound perceptions seared so deeply into mind as to be always recallable in full definition. Celestial Visions are those so forceful and impressive as to have lifelong impact, and in some respect, are unexplainable by common knowledge— “a bit out of this world.”

  1. Warmth and Security
  2. Excursion to Portland
  3. Mother Confronts Fire
  4. Dick’s Turn
  5. On the Way to Oregon
  6. Clifford’s Birth
  7. Camp Site on Way to Oregon
  8. Climbing Saddle Mountain
  9. Unconscious in a Deep River Pool
  10. Into the High Sierras