War Stories!

Here are Dick’s first-hand accounts of missions and events during World War II.

Dick was a B-29 military bomber pilot who served in the “C-I-B” theater (China – India – Burma). His missions often had him flying “over the hump” (that is, over the high Himalaya mountains) from India into China to bomb Japanese invasion forces.

These are his stories. They are an unforgettable memoir of history. Enjoy!

  1. Becoming a Hellbird

  2. On Our Way!

  3. Close Call at Cairo

  4. Pairdoba Outpost

  5. First Combat Mission

  6. Across High Himalayas

  7. Pairdoba Home Sweet Home

  8. Chinese Dollars

  9. Hump Happenings

  10. Asaam Sojurn

  11. Forward China Base

  12. Combat Missions from A-5

  13. Singapore Story

  14. Fire Raid over Tokyo

  15. Epilog – Col. Kalberer

  16. First and Last